About us

Looking for the original and best Ice cream and waffles on the planet? You’ve found us! Oh, and we also serve coffees, juices and smoothies..
 Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Naxos
Cheese Factory
Fresh milk!!!
Some sugar!
Here it is!
Ice Cream!


Because we want to take good care of you. Because we don’t believe that pleasure comes with penalty. Because we are obsessed with quality and passionate about ice cream. Because, ultimately, what gives us the greatest satisfaction is seeing you leaving this place with a big smile, even if there is some melted ice cream dripping off your lips!


We get down to work very early in the morning to make sure our ice cream is as fresh as it can get. Our ice cream is made exclusively from fresh Naxian milk, as we strongly believe that we should make as much use of our local resources as possible, without adding any preservatives or ingredients of unknown origins. Besides, you are more than welcome to watch the whole ice cream-making process in our premises (of course you would excuse us for not revealing every little secret of our recipes!).


We end up with more than 30 mouth-watering flavours. Ice cream with low fat and low sugar, rich in flavour, creamy in texture and high nutritional value. Ice cream that our children can safely enjoy. Ice cream that can make us adults smile like children, with lips full of chocolate.